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1. Kits
2. Build Your Own Kit
3. Carrickmacross Kit


The kits listed below are mere suggestions that show the items needed to make lace and the possible price ranges. Allow us to guide you in customizing your own kit by mixing items from the catalogue to suit your particular needs and price range.  Select from one of the kits below or go to section 2 and "Build Your Own Kit" at the price you can afford.

Kit 1- Designed for maximum affordability
Kit 2 - Best Value!
Kit 3 - Complete Value
Kit 4 - Dream Kit

1 - Ethafoam pillow 1 covered Ethafoam  pillow 1 covered Ethafoam  pillow 1 20" straw packed pillow
14 Belgian, Dutch, or   Danish/Guatambu 28 Belgian Std/Guatambu* 2 dz. Dutch/Guatambu*
2 dz. Belgium Standard Rosewood*
1 wooden pricker 1 brass pin vise with needle 1 brass pin vise with needle 1 brass pin vise with needle
1 package pins 1 box of lacemaking pins
1 box of 26 x .65/70 pins 1 box of Bohin 26 x .65 pins
1 piece of pricking card 1 piece of pricking card 1 package of pricking card 1 piece blue pricking card
1 piece of blue contact paper 1 piece of blue contact paper 1 roll of contact paper 1 roll of blue contact paper
1 DMC Cordonnet Special 60  1 DMC Cordonnet Special 60
DMC Cordonnet 50 8 colors Lizbeth Cordonnet 80
An Introduction To Torchon Lace - Alison Tolson
An Introduction To Torchon Lace - Alison Tolson Torchon Lacemaking
Elizabeth Wade

Torchon Lacemaking,
Jan Tregidgo
$64.95 with 18" pillow
$109.95 with 18" pillow
$138.95 with 18" pillow
$284.95 with 18" pillow
$67.95 with 20" pillow
$112.95 with 20" pillow
$141.95 with 20" pillow
$294.95 with 20" pillow
*Choose any Continental Guatambu *Choose any Continental Guatambu *Choose any Continental Guatambu *Choose any Continental Rosewood
*Shipping on Kits are at cost.  Please request shipping quote.

Build Your Own Kit
Starting bobbin lace and getting set up with the correct supplies can be a little confusing. We have designed this easy to use "Build Your Own Kit" chart to help you to understand the elements needed in your kit and price options. Make your selections based on your budget. You may already have some of the items needed in your kit, so pick and choose. We encourage you to call us and take advantage of 28 years of lacemaking experience! It would be our pleasure to assist you.

Choose one item from each group
Price Selections
Instructional Aid--Some people have a teacher and don't need an instructional aid. Others will want to choose a book or video based on how you learn best. The Torchon Lace Book by Christine Springett $17.95  
DVD-Torchon Lace I
and the accompanying book
The Torchon Lace Book


A Beginner's Guide To Bobbin Lace - Gilian Dye
Torchon Lacemaking
Elizabeth Wade

Torchon Lacemaking - Jan Tregidgo
Introduction To Bobbin Lacemaking -- Jean Jagendorf $12.95  
An Introduction to Torchon Lace -- Alison Tolson

Pillow--This is where we recommend you put your extra discretionary dollars. Consult our pillow page for additional choices.
16" Ethafoam Pillow $23.00

18" Ethafoam Pillow $26.00

20" Ethafoam Pillow $29.00

22" Ethafoam Pillow $33.00

24" Ethafoam Pillow $37.00

18" Straw Packed Pillow $140.00  
20" Straw Packed Pillow $150.00  
24" Straw Packed Pillow $180.00  
Pillow Cover
Indicate pillow size

Bobbins--Select from Continental or East Midland English bobbins. For ease of use do not mix styles. We recommend a minimum of 2 dz. to start. The bobbin styles listed on the left are good all purpose bobbins.

The East Midland bobbins are priced unspangled, however they must be spangled to use succesfully. Save a little a spangle them yourself or let us do it for you an additional $14.00 p/dz.
Danish/Palm $12.00 p/dz.  
Danish/Rosewood $24.00 p/dz.  
Medium Square/Guatambu $12.00 p/dz.  
Large Square/Guatambu $14.00/dz.  
Large Square/Rosewood $26.00 p/dz.  
Belgium Std./Rosewood $24.00 p/dz.  
Dutch/Palm $12.00 p/dz.  
Dutch/Rosewood $24.00 p/dz.  
Bayeux/Palm $14.00 p/dz.  
Bayeux/Rosewood $26.00 p/dz.  
EM/Unfinished Birch $9.95 p/dz.  
EM/Polished Birch
$12.95 p/dz.

EM/Rainbow $36.00 p/dz.  
International Square/Pear Model 1 or 2, short or long
$20.00 p/dz.

Pins--If you are confused about all the different pins lacemakers use go to our pins page and read up on How To Select A Pin. Bohin 26 x .65/
$15.50 p/100 grm. box  
Belgium 26 x .70/nickle plated brass
$14.00 p/100
grm. box

Pin Vise--Use this tool to poke holes in your pattern. Go to our tools page for pictures of these vises. Brass Pin Vise $8.50  
Wooden Pin Vise/Long $16.00  
Wooden Pin Vise/Short $16.00  
Contoured Pin Vise $24.00  
Thread The thread must "fit" the pricking, or the pricking must be "sized" to fit the thread, so let me do the work of selecting a thread for you on your first few projects. I will help you select your thread. $2.00-12.50  
Contact Paper--Use this low tack, matte blue, transparent contact paper to adhere your pattern to your pricking card. Blue contact paper for pattern
Blue Pricking Card 3 sheets $3.50  
Thread Selection Chart


Deluxe Carrickmacross Kit

This kit is based on the strict requirements set by Carrickmacross  teacher and author, Mary Sheilds.  All materials may be bought individually and the yardage in required lengths.  The thread must not be substitute in order to achieve the proper result.....................$150.00
DVD-Carrickmacross Lace by Carol Williamson
1/2 Yard Organdie
1/2 100% 18 hpi Cotton Netting
DOVO Carrickmacross Scissors
Mettler 60 Cotton Sewing Thread
Anchor 60 Artiste Mercer Crochet Cotton
#10 Crewel Needles