Bobbin Winders-- Van Sciver Bobbin Lace

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Bobbin Winders


Most bobbins, including square bobbins, fit this durable black nylon bobbin winder, making it one of our most versatile. It is especially designed to work with spangled or fragile bobbins. The bobbin is held in a clamp which rotates in either direction. It comes with a sleeve adaptor for shorter bobbins or take it off for longer bobbins. The bobbin winder clamps conveniently to any table.



By popular request delight in our new "whispering" bobbin winder.  The wooden clamp will fit almost all bobbins including East Midland, Continental Styles and Square bobbins!  This lightweight winder packs easily into a suitcase and is easy to use with the handy 9V battery pack.  This bobbin winder will wind clockwise or counterwise depending on which way you put the batteries into the compartment.


The bobbin sits in a wooden groove and is turned by an elastic belt. It can be turn both clockwise and counter clockwise. Choose this bobbin winder for most bobbins.



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