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Gift Certificates

 Why not get a Van Sciver Gift Certificate for your lacemaking friends!  Just supply recipients name, the amount and from "Best Wishes of".  Once I have confirmation of this information I will send your gift certificate by email which you can print out along with a copy of my printer friendly catalogue at the following link: 

Just phone or email the bill-to name, address and telephone number.  I will send you an email copy of your invoice.  Payment is by check or money order, made payable to Van Sciver Bobbin Lace.  For credit card payments please call or post card type, card holder name and address, card number, and expiration date.  
Pin Gauges

Assorted Colors -- $6.50 each
Assorted Colors -- $6.50

Card Inserts

Display your lace in these
handy card inserts available in two
sizes.  These work well when slipped
into the 2 1/2" Bookmark Sleeve.
5 3/4" Insert Length
1" Insert Width

5 3/8" Insert Length
1 3/4" Insert Width


Insert Rulers

If you donít know what to do with your finished samples, put them into these handy insert rulers!  Enjoy using your lace every day without worry of damage with these easy to mount and fun to use rulers.
6" Length
Insert Width 1 1/4"
12" Length
Insert Width 1 1/4"

Bobbin Stand

Keep your bobbins in order and
ready to go with this handy bobbin
stand. The stand comes
apart for flat storage and makes
travelling easy and convenient


Lace Pillow Bags

At last these durable and practical lace pillow bags are back in stock in two sizes. Eash bag is beautifully consructed of heavy navy blue nylon with carrying handles on the top and in the middle. There is a 1 1/2" gusset around the circumfrance allow for expansion. An added bonus is
a zippered pocket on the outside for all your lace making tools. 

55cm/23 1/2"


65cm/27 1/2"


Pillow Pin Magnet
Pillow Thread Holder
Pillow Pin Cushion

These pin magnets made in pearwood pin directly to your pillow.

This terrific tool pins directly to your pillow and holds your thread spool while you wind your bobbins.

Back in stock stick this handy pin cushion directly on your pillow for easy access to your pins.  Covered in navy blue fabric.

Insert Key Fobs
Never mix up your keys again.  Put your finished lace or a piece of antique lace into this clear plastic key fob to easily distinguish your keys!  I love mine
$3.00 each

12" Linen Hemstitch
12" Cotton Spoke
18" Linen Hemstitch
$6.50 each
$6.50 each
$8.50 each

Specialty Fabrics
Carrickmacross Netting, 100% cotton/off-white, 14 hpi, p/1/2 yd. x 39"wide


Carrickmacross Netting, 100% cotton/white, 18 hpi, 1/2 yd. x 43"
Carrickmacross Netting, Poly/creme, 16 hpi, p/1 yd
Cotton Organdy, p/1/2 yd

Acid Free Tissue Paper
20" x 30" sheets of museum quality paper in packages of 12 sheets which can be used safely with all fibers and metals including cotton, linen, silk, wool and any metal made textile.


Bookmark Sleeves
1 1/2" x 10 clear 10" length plastic bookmark sleeves


2" x 10 clear 10" length plastic bookmark sleeves
2 1/2" x 10 clear 10" length plastic bookmark sleeves

Renaissance Wax
Micro-crystalline Wax Cleaner/Polish used by the British Museum and restoration specialists. Use this acid free wax on your new and antique bobbins to protect the original finish and restore old finishes. Use Renaissance wax on your furniture, leather, paintings, metals, marble, ivory etc. Freshens colors, imparts soft sheen.


65ml can


The Old Lacemaker
by Roy Barley
The Lacemakers
by Laura Wilder
Don't miss this opportunity for a signed copy of Roy Barley's sentimental colored pastel of the Old Lacemaker.
This charming 21" x 14 1/2" poster depicts an East Midlands lacemaker working Bedfordshire lace on an old style bolster pillow and pillow horse.
These is a limited edition, hand-made linoleum block prints are designed by Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan Laura Wilder. For each color used, a separate block was carved, inked, and pressed onto the paper with a wooden spoon. Each matted print is signed and numbered.  Only 2 left.