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1.   New Books!
2.   Bobbin Lace Manuals and Skills
3.   Torchon Lace and 's Gravenmoer
4.   Bedfordshire, Cluny, Schneeberger, Guipure
5.   Bucks Point, Downton, T÷nder, Bayeux, Beveran, Chantilly
6.   Flanders, Point de Paris, Valenciennes, Mechlin, Binche
7.   Springett
8.   Free Laces-Honiton, Withof, Bloemwork, Duchesse, Rosaline
9.   Milanese, Cantu, Hinojosa and Tape Based Lace
10. Russian Lace and Idrija
11. Annick Staes
12. Mixed Technique Pattern Books
13. Needlelace, Tatting, Filet and Tatting
14. Identification, History and Fashion
15. Vera Cockuyt
16. Free Hand Lace
17. Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti
18. Martine Bruggeman
19. Christine Mirecki
20. Thread Reference Books and Charts

   1. New Books

Flanders Lace with a Nod
to the Future
Cantu 4
Emanuele Bonaglia
Four-part stained-glass window in Binche
Nina an Co
10 Designs in Chantilly Lace
Lieve Pollet
Binche III
Toermalijn is a wonderful new folio of 8 modern patterns in Flanders lace.
This is Emanuele Bonaglia's 4th book on Cant¨ technique.  The book features how to make the little Cant¨ flowers and leaves in a small
doily.  Skills include understanding the working order, the flower, magic thread technique, making leaves without many knots, net and Cant¨ spiders and patterns..
Lio is a study in Binche grounds.  It has 4 contemporary patterns featuring flowers and leaves and has working diagrams for each pattern.  There are also 4 supplementary prickings contains Paris ground stitches.
This books contains 10 Chantilly patterns of bookmarks, medallions and decorative pieces.  Each pattern has working diagrams in colour with additional technical drawings and explanations for specific techniques.
A must for the student of Binche.  Filled with classic Binche patterns complete with colored diagrams.

My Friends
Kumiko Nakazaki
Bits of Lace 4
Idrija Lace School
Legacy Vol. 1
Kumiko Nakasaki
Legacy Vol. 2
Kumiko Nakasaki
Little Lacemakers
Kumiko Nakasaki
Patsy Anderson