Threads -- Van Sciver Bobbin Lace

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Threads' Sub-Groups (click on link to go directly to correct spot on this page)

1. Thread Selection Chart
2. Cotton Threads
3. Linen Threads
4. Silk Threads
5. Metallic, Wire Threads and Misc.
6. Shade Cards

1. Thread Selection Chart
Thread Selection Chart Now in color, Holly's thread selection chart compares the threads available in this catalogue to each other on a grid chart. The chart provides 3 extraordinarily easy ways for the novice or expert lacemaker to select threads for any pattern. Also included is a Gimp Chart aiding the lacemaker in selecting the correct gimp thread. Comes in a protective transparent cover designed for insertion in 3-ring binders. Invaluable! Updated 5/30/22.

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2. Cotton Threads
Made in Slovenia, this beautiful cotton thread is perfect for Idrija Lace and many others.  Available in 56 colors in sizes 30 and 40.  Click on this link to see Idrija Metallics.

Idrija Cotton
30/3, 600m, white and ecru
Idrija Cotton
40/3, 400m, white and ecru
Idrija Cotton
30/3, 200m, 56 colors
Idrija Cotton
40/3, 250m, 56 colors